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By answering a few simple questions about your building, and entering gas/electricity consumptions, this calculator will provide an indication of how your building is performing.
If you have an alternative energy source, or unusual building, please use the contact form.
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The next screen will display your energy usage results. We will send these results to you for your records using the email address you provide below.
Note: Your details are treated as confidential, and will not be passed-on to any other company or organisation.
... What to do next - Call us FREE on 0800 0988117 These results are only to be used as a guide to your building energy efficiency. Results are based on industry guidelines for energy consumption per building type and do not take all factors into consideration. For an in-depth review of your specific building please contact BEMS Energy.
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BMS (Controls)

Our BMS technicians not only carry out strategy programming on all types of system, but we can also carry out standard BMS work, such as maintenance, condition reports and the installation of full systems, new and retrofit.

BEMS Energy are a fully accredited Trend partner and have installed Trend BMS in over 30 schools and many more in hotels, factories, office blocks, town halls, leisure centres/swimming pools and horticultural premises.

We are also often used by consultants to carry out a "sense check" of what is really required on a BMS system. Manufacturers are keen to sell as much kit as possible, so we ensure that the optimum amount of equipment is installed to match the needs of the end client, while providing a cost effective solution. We can then carry out witness testing if required.

Energy analysis can also be set up on systems that have the capability, and this may even include emails or text message alarms if energy or critical plant alarms are detected. Energy metering by measured values, or virtual sensors (KW multiplied by hours run) is also a speciality.

To reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint, get in touch today - call 01454 203451 or send us an email.