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BEMS Energy specialise in energy management of buildings, this is carried out by ensuring that all the building services plant is fully operational and by implementing an energy focussed strategy to the Building Management System (BMS). We offer a full in depth survey of all installed plant, lighting and other services. This survey allows our engineers to target areas where excessive consumption has been identified, we then offer quotations for reprogramming the BMS and for fitting other energy savings devices such as variable speed drives to fan motors..

Case Study  - BEMS Energy reduces carbon emissions by 22 tonnes

BEMS Energy have been asked to provide BMS maintenance to a large office block in Cardiff for one of our large clients, Bilfinger FM. 

Our offering was that along with the general maintenance carried out on the site BEMS we would also carry out energy management reprogramming and try to improve the plant efficiency.  

The area of our control consisted of the main landlord controls and plant which comprised a Trend BEMS controlling a gas fired low pressure hot water system providing heat to radiators located throughout the building. 

We ensured that all plant such as extract fans, and additional heating fans were connected to the site BEMS and started to look at the control strategies for the building. 

The site had previously been under an energy management contract with a large national company, therefore we were not expecting to make large savings as these should have already been implemented. 

However, we have still managed to reduce the landlord’s electrical consumption and vastly improve the heating efficiency on site. 

Despite the coldest winter and spring for years we have reduced the heating consumption by 11% and made good inroads into the electrical consumption. 

BEMS Energy have also identified areas of the heating system that if repaired /replaced will further reduce the heating consumption considerably, most notably the compensated valves are not currently serviceable and therefore we have no control over the flow temperature of the hot water circulating the building. 

Currently we have reduced what was already a fairly efficient building carbon emissions by 22 Tonnes of CO2 over the last 12 months.  This illustrates the benefit of utilising a BEMS Energy Management contract.

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