BEMS Energy are accredited with CIBSE as Low Carbon Consultants specialising in Energy Management Systems

BEMS Energy can help you implement the 50001 standard that will help you meet your environmental and carbon reduction targets as part of improved energy performance. ISO 50001 shows you how to take a structured approach towards measuring and monitoring how much energy you use – helping you to get more from less. ISO 50001 will pave the way to improved performance, lower energy bills and reduced carbon emissions – all at the same time. ISO 50001 outlines the best way to achieve energy efficiency, whatever the nature of your business.

If the whole organisation is covered, then you do not have to worry about ESOS regulation for large companies, as ISO 50001 demonstrates full compliance through an advanced understanding of energy.

What are the benefits of ISO 50001 energy management?

  • Measure and monitor your energy use to identify where to improve efficiency
  • Improve overall performance to cut energy consumption and bills
  • Reduce carbon emissions and meet government reduction targets
  • Demonstrate environmental credentials to increase tender opportunities and meet stakeholder and supply chain requirements
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and carbon footprint
  • Identifying and managing the risks surrounding your future energy supply.
ISO 50001 planning

ISO 50001 can be utilised by large and small organisations whether public or private sector. It can be used by multinational organisations to establish a common methodology for managing energy and identifying areas for improvements at all sites. It is estimated by ISO that the standard could influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use.

BEMS Energy will guide you through each step of the process. We are especially experienced in the understanding of site metering identification and validation within the scope and boundaries of the Energy Management System (EnMS), and extracting data points from existing BMS systems.

BEMS Energy will assist you with all aspects of the EnMS, including Energy Policy, Steering group, legislation review, training review, internal auditing, energy targets and awareness plan.