BEMS Energy are CIBSE accredited air conditioning inspectors.

What is a TM44?

A TM44 is the accepted guidance in the UK for judging the efficiency of air-conditioning units. The key role of the guidance is to support inspections to ensure compliance with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

An air conditioning system inspection (commonly referred to as a TM44 Inspection) by an accredited air conditioning energy assessor is designed to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and carbon emissions. The energy assessor will highlight how the operation of existing systems can be improved or identify opportunities to replace older, less energy efficient systems, or oversized systems with new energy efficient systems.

Do I need a TM44?

All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW must be regularly inspected by an energy assessor. The 12kW output is classed as the total output, therefore several smaller 3-4kW units with a total of 12kW or more would fall under the scope of requiring an inspection. The inspections must be no more than five years apart. These inspections are a statutory compliance requirement, as detailed in the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations Part 4.

What Level TM44 do I need?

There are two different levels of TM44 report available, and the level required will depend on the complexity of the cooling equipment contained in the building:

·         Level 3: used in buildings with simple unitary, single, and multi-split air conditioning systems and simple VRF/VRV air conditioning plant.

·         Level 4: used for buildings with centralised air conditioning plant, equipment, and systems. Buildings containing centralised chillers, air handling plant, and/or complex VRF/VRV system linked together with central control, require a level 4 assessment.

BEMS Energy have been providing TM44 air conditioning inspections since 2010 and can provide both level 3 and level 4 reports.

What information will an TM44 provide?

The purpose of the air conditioning inspection report is to ensure that the building owner or manager is provided with information regarding the efficiency of the air conditioning systems that they control, together with advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of the system, to identify energy and carbon saving opportunities and reduce operating costs.

The TM44 will include at least the following details:

  • The likely efficiency of the system and any suggestions for improvement
  • Any faults identified during the inspection and suggested actions
  • The adequacy of equipment maintenance and any suggestions for improvement
  • The adequacy of the installed controls and control settings and any suggestions for improvement
  • The current size of the installed system in relation to the cooling load and any suggestions for improvement.
  • Consideration of the capabilities of the system to optimise its performance under typical operating conditions

Why should I choose BEMS to conduct my TM44 inspections?

BEMS has CIBSE accredited air conditioning inspectors with over 27 years’ experience in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.  As a result of our considerable in-depth knowledge of building controls and Building Management Systems, we are able to deliver a more detailed report than the standard TM44, which includes the identification of energy saving opportunities with the air conditioning and associated equipment within the building.